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Shiseido tutorials

I conceptualized and directed a series of long-form tutorial videos to teach consumers proper application methods for the new line of products. These videos supported the global launch of Shiseido's complexion makeup products and brushes. They can be found on Shiseido's official Youtube channel and on the individual PDP pages on ​


These videos, featuring a diverse cast of dancers and Shiseido's Global Artistic Director James Aaron Boehmer, were designed to seamlessly integrate with the overall campaign. We re-created a "backstage" look, in which James showcased the products and the dancers featured in the campaign, and we integrated portions of the full campaign throughout. I was responsible for the initial ideas, storyboards, casting, and on-set art direction. I also oversaw all the editing, cutdowns, sizing, and color balancing, while interfacing seamlessly with multiple teams internally and externally. ​

I extend my heartfelt appreciation to all the teams involved in bringing these projects to fruition.

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